San Juan Nurseries has been honored in the Garden Center magazine Top 100 Independent Garden Center List for 2015 – the most prestigious listing of the largest garden centers in North America!

SJN would like to thank our customers for keeping us in business since 1952, and for taking our ‘advice you can grow with’ to the top!

Please read the wonderful article in Garden Center Magazine’s September Issue on page 30!



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More Than Just A Houseplant…An Air Purifier!

Houseplants do more than just brighten up a room with color and living energy. They make people feel calmer and more optimistic. Along with being pleasing to the eye, they bring real health benefits to your body.

Houseplants are able to remove up to 87% of air toxins in 24 hours, improving indoor air quality with houseplants!

Talk about interesting!

Now is a great time to add some ‘air purifiers’ to your living area!








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Sooner or later, repotting houseplants becomes necessary, and winter is a great time to do it!


Plants should be moved into larger containers as they grow. Larger pots allow for more soil to nourish the root systems. Unless more space is provided for the plant’s roots, they become root bound. That is, the roots of the plant become cramped and form a tightly packed mass that inhibits growth.

Check out SJN’s “Advice You Can Grow With” blog Houseplants: It’s Time for a New Pot to learn if your houseplant needs to be repotted, choosing a pot, and the repotting process!

Now that’s ‘advice you can grow with’!


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