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Sooner or later, repotting houseplants becomes necessary, and winter is a great time to do it!

Plants should be moved into larger containers as they grow.  Larger pots allow for more soil to nourish the root systems.  Unless more space is provided for the plant’s roots, they become root bound.  That is, the roots of the plant become cramped and form a tightly packed mass that inhibits growth.

Check out SJN’s “Advice You Can Grow With” blog Houseplants: It’s Time for a New Pot to learn if your houseplant needs to be repotted, choosing a pot, and the repotting process!




















:D Start Your Spring Garden Indoors Now :D

Baby it’s cold outside!  You may not like the shorter days and the cooler temps, but kale, collards and cabbage do :D January is a great time to plan your spring garden and come get your seeds!

Many cool season vegetables can be started indoors 6-8 weeks before our frost free date!

Check out SJN’s “Advice You Can Grow With” blog Get Growing to get some great information on seed starting indoors.















Using hydroponics, it’s easy to grow lots of edible plants in very small spaces all year round.  Take advantage of our Farmington Flyer Deal on FoxFarm Products to help you get started.

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Brighten up the dreary days of winter by drawing beautiful birds to your yard.




















If you feed them they will come!  

As winter approaches and the natural food supply for birds dwindles, our feathered friends rely on our generosity to survive the short days, freezing temperatures, and severe wind chill.  The natural food supply birds need to provide energy to keep warm has been consumed or hidden by snow.  Most insects are dead or dormant, water can be hard to find, and finding shelter may not be easy.  If there are limited evergreens or shelter, birds may seek manmade houses or habitats that can provide refuge from the winds, rains, ice or snow of winter.

Check out SJN’s “Advice You Can Grow With” blog Feathered Friends: If You Feed Them They Will Come to learn how to attract birds to your yard by helping them survive the winter.