COME ON DOWN!!! ~John Kuhn



San Juan Nurseries has been honored in the Garden Center magazine Top 100 Independent Garden Center List for 2015 – the most prestigious listing of the largest garden centers in North America!

SJN would like to thank our customers for keeping us in business since 1952, and for taking our ‘advice you can grow with’ to the top!

Please read the wonderful article in Garden Center Magazine’s September Issue on page 30!



















NEW shipment of Mums at SJN!!  

Mum-Ma-Mia!!   Mums are the perfect late season bloomer!





















Looking to give your faded flowerbeds a facelift?  Pansies are great season extenders!

  • Pansies are easy to grow
  • Pansies are relatively disease and pest free
  • This biennial plant is often referred to as a flower for all seasons because of its ability to adapt and bloom under a variety of conditions
  • Pansies are edible.  Both the leaves and the flowers of pansies and violas are high in vitamins A and C
  • Some pansies have a delicate perfume-like aroma that seems to exude more fragrance at early morning and dusk















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Plant Fall Bulbs Now!!

Don’t ever look out your window and envy your neighbors spectacular bulb display when spring comes, again!  Bulbs are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to achieve color in your garden.  Dig some holes.  Plop some bulbs in the hole.  Wait.  Waiting is honestly the hardest part of gardening with bulbs!  Plant your own breathtakingly beautiful garden now…and remember more is better!

  • Tulips: These classic spring bulbs probably get the most spring blooming publicity.  They bloom mid to late spring bringing fabulous colors into the garden.  Flowerbeds with tulips come in almost every color known to gardeners, and create impressive centerpieces.
  • Crocus:  These colorful, cup shaped, low growing flowers are the first sign that spring is here!  Sometimes they peek through snow covered ground.  They put on a beautiful show.   Great for borders, edging, and in grassy areas.  Available in vibrant shades of yellow, white, and purple
  • Hyacinths:  Highly valued for their use in borders, flower beds, and its ability to be forced indoors.  A staple in most early spring gardens due to its intoxicating fragrance.
  • Daffodil:  This cheerful garden addition symbolizes spring.  Popular shades include bright yellow and white.  Plant these dazzling bulbs in pots, borders, and beds for a joyful spring.
  • Allium:  These easy-to-grow bulbs add color and height to the garden in early spring.  They look like giant purple lollipops!  If you can bring yourself to cut them they also make excellent flowers for bouquets and dried floral arrangements.























SJN Southwest Winterizer 

It’s time to winterize!! Fertilize with our NEW SJN Southwest Winterizer. Designed specifically for use in the fall – the most important time of year for feeding your lawn, trees, shrubs, roses and perennials! We know this sounds weird, but it’s true! Click here to read our blog ‘advice you can grow with’ and see why.































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