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Great selection of pansies at SJN!!  Cheers to planting weather :-D !!!

  • Pansies are easy to grow.
  • Pansies are relatively disease and pest free.
  • This biannual plant is often referred to as flower for all seasons because of its ability to adapt and bloom under a variety of conditions.
  • Pansies are edible. Both the leaves and flowers of pansies and violas are high in vitamins A and C.
  • Some pansies have a delicate perfume – like aroma that seems to exude more fragrance at early-morning and dusk.

















NEW Pix Zee Miniature Peach Tree in stock!!

Dwarf or miniature peach trees are good options for home gardeners with limited growing space. 

Since many genetic dwarfs rarely reach heights of more than 6 feet tall, compared to standard varieties that may be 25 feet high and as wide, ladders are unnecessary for pruning and harvesting.

If pests or diseases strike, signs are likely detected earlier.

Dwarf trees produce two or more times the number of fruit buds as a standard peach tree, and they fruit sooner.

Genetic dwarf peaches are first class ornamentals with spectacular flower displays in spring when branches are completely covered with bright pink blossoms.















Do you want a small ‪‎tree‬ or large ‎shrub‬ with large, fragrant, showy, double pink or white ‎flowers‬ in early spring? 


Our Royal Star Magnolia is a great choice!

This slow growing deciduous‬, ‪‎ornamental‬ plant with bold, glossy foliage has attractive smooth, silvery gray bark on the main trunk and shiny chestnut brown bark on the young twigs that makes for interesting winter architecture.

Therefore, the Royal Star Magnolia is a good specimen to ‪‎plant at any time of the year. It is particularly nice when sited against a dark background, such as a brick wall or grouping of evergreens, which shows off the flowers, or near a patio where the scent of the flowers can be enjoyed.

SJN‬ happens to have a new shipment in :D  Cheers to that!
















It is easy to just be in love…

The charms of ‪‎wisteria‬ are almost impossible to resist.

Lounging languorously over a fence or pergola, she will beckon to you with her heady perfume. Before you know it, her nodding, pendulous blooms have hypnotized you. Soon you are rushing to ‪SJN‬, determined to own her!

SJN has your wisteria in bloom waiting for you to pick her up!
















































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