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Hummingbirds are the most fascinating birds!

Hummers can fly in all directions and can hover in place, something no other bird can do! Their gorgeous colors are another fascination. Their feathers are iridescent, and when they catch the sunlight, the color can change entirely!

Should I Hang Feeders?

Hummingbirds have a lightning fast metabolism and must eat about every ten minutes. In fact, if you were to copy the eating habits of a humming bird, you would have to eat 20,000 calories a day! This means that your feeders and flower garden can be a vital source of food!




Keep your hummingbird feeders full of nectar using the Best-1 Instant Hummingbird Nectar.

This natural powder has no color or preservatives, as tests have proven red coloring may be harmful to the birds.

Mixing Instructions:

Mix 8 ounces of this powder with 32 ounces of hot water to create clear, fresh nectar. Once cooled, the nectar can be used in any of your hummingbird feeders, offering them the energy they need.

Tip: Place any excess nectar in your refrigerator, for a fresh supply.  

Now that’s ‘advice you can grow with’!