Vegetable Gardening

Why pay more?!  Grow your own!  

Tomatoes for instance…Grocery stores pick early so tomatoes stay firm and are able to ship.  They claim “vine-ripened”.  Will they turn red?  Yes.  Will they taste as sweet and juicy?  No.  SJN can help you save more and taste more!  😀





















Companion Planting: So Happy Together….or NOT!

Why Companion Planting?

• Better Yield
• Healthier Plants
• Natural Pest Control
• Garden Space Efficiency
• Attract Pollinators

Planting complimentary flowers, herbs, and veggies together add variety, beauty and they benefit from one another. Certain flowers attract the good/beneficial insects that eat aphids and other problem pests, support pollinators, and enrich your soil. In some situations they can also help enhance the growth rate and flavor of other varieties.

To learn why companion planting helps bring a balanced eco-system to your landscape, and more information on what plants are ‘friends’ or ‘enemies’ follow Companion Planting: So Happy Together to ‘advice you can grow with’, a blog from San Juan Nurseries, Inc. for more information and examples of companion planting


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Nothin’ like a vine-ripened tomato!  But did you know…

Since we are talking companion planting simply planting a combination of plants that provide a benefit to one or both, let’s talk more about tomatoes!

There are several plants that are considered “friends” of tomatoes that can provide insect or disease protection, improve their growth, or improve their flavor.  Tomatoes also return the favor to some plants in your garden. They repel asparagus beetle for instance!  Asparagus and tomatoes are the best of friends!

SJN TIP: There are some plants that are considered “enemies” and should be kept apart!  (Sounds a lot like people  😯 )

The best part of growing your own vegetables and fruit is cooking with them!

Have you finished planting your garden? You still have time  😀

  Plant for awesome home made salsa:

  •   Tomatoes
  •   Jalapeños
  •   Green Onion
  •   Cilantro

  We also use Garlic Salt in ours.

Stay tuned for more great gardening information.