Fertilize in Fall with SJN Southwest Winterizer

Designed specifically for use in the fall – the most important time of year for feeding your lawn, trees, shrubs, roses and perennials! 






















We know this sounds weird, but it’s true! 

Why?  Fall fertilizing helps plants rebound from the long hot summer stress, continue to grow strong, vigorous roots, and build winter hardiness, stem strength, and disease resistance.  At this time, deciduous trees and shrubs have started to lose their foliage for the year and active growth of plants and trees has slowed. As the days shorten, and temperatures drop, the plant stops using all of its energy to push top growth, and eventually stops completely.  The plant will now use its energy to grow a stronger, healthier root system.  This unseen process is the most important of all, as it is storing the excess nutrients that will be immediately available to feed the vegetative growth we will see in the spring.

Our SJN label is specially formulated with nutrients our soils are lacking.  This custom-made blend helps correct the soil composition making the nutrients readily available to maintain thick, green vegetation through the fall months.  It concentrates on root development, and provides early spring greening. 

The Key Ingredients:

  • Nitrogen promotes growth and greening (“up”)
  • Phosphate aids root development (“down”)
  • Potassium fortifies the grass against disease, cold, insects, and the like (“all around”)
  • Acidifier reduces alkalinity, and helps increase nutrient uptake (“local problem”)

Fact is a healthy and stable plant can endure the hardship of winter better than a weak plant.  Now that’s ‘advice you can grow with’!

Tip: Gypsum could be applied at this time. It loosens heavy clay soils and improves absorption of nutrients. Loose soil makes it easier for new spring grass to break through.