Poinsettias…Poisonous or Not?

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Poinsettias…Poisonous or not??

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For years poinsettias had the bad reputation of being poisonous, so we believed it. 

The truth is…poinsettias have undergone extensive testing. Government agencies, health centers, veterinary groups, and plant and flower organizations agree that poinsettias are not toxic and do not pose a health threat to children or pets. In fact, in 1992, the poinsettia was included on the list of houseplants most helpful in removing pollutants from indoor air, and is able to remove up to 87% of air toxins in 24 hours! Therefore, poinsettias are breath-taking and breath-giving!

They’re beautiful, they’re safe, and they say Merry Christmas. The only remaining question is whether to save them from year to year. Now that you know they are safe, watch for our ‘advice you can grow with’ article on how to “How to Force Poinsettia Blooms again next Christmas”

Tip: Display them on their own or as a group for a dramatic impact!  Now that’s ‘advice you can grow with’!