Squash Bugs Attack!

Squash Bugs Attack!

What are Squash Bugs?

Squash bugs are the bane of a gardeners’ existence! They are very difficult to kill and cause havoc. These bugs inject a toxin into the plant and suck the sap right out of it.

The leaves will wilt, dry up, turn black, crisp, and brittle. Smaller plants will die.

How to Control Squash Bugs:

• Early detection is important because adult squash bugs are very difficult to eliminate.
• Hi-Yield Garden, Pet and Livestock dust is a ready-to-use Permetherin insecticide that will take care of young squash bugs. Dust coat upper and lower leaf surfaces.
• Place boards or shingles on the ground near the plants at night to attract adult squash bugs. Seal in bag and dispose.
• Remove egg clusters that you find on the undersides of leaves. Seal in bag and dispose.
• Avoid deep, cool mulches that provide an environment that these bugs seem to love.
• Companion planting (growing plants next to each other for mutual benefit): Nasturtium deters squash bugs and beetles.
• Rotate your crops.

Now that’s ‘advice you can grow with’!!