Delivery Service
If your trunk just isn’t large enough to hold all your plant purchases – rest assured – we’ll deliver them to your doorstep or even plant them if need be!

  • We offer a $50 delivery charge inside the Farmington city limits. There is an additional $35 per man charge for every extra delivery person.
  • For Aztec, Bloomfield and Kirtland there is a $100 delivery charge, and $50 per man charge for every extra delivery person.
  • These charges are based on a 30 minute delivery, any extra time spent on the property will be charged out accordingly.
  • All deliveries are curbside.
  • Further requirements regarding placement or planting of plants needs to be discussed and estimated at the time of purchase. 
We offer full planting services for all plants purchased at the nursery.

  • The rate is 75% of the cost of the plant material being planted in the Farmington city limits.
  • There will be additional charges for any planting outside the city limits.
  • You must purchase at least $100 in plant material to be planted.
  • There will be a $75.00 minimum charge for anything under $100 value.
The health and well-being of our plants is guaranteed at the time of purchase. If plants are planted by us, the plant and planting is guaranteed. You get a six month guarantee on labor and plant (most problems with a new planting will show up in the first month.) We require that you give us a call as soon as you notice any problems with your plant, as we can usually fix the problem before it becomes fatal. We are not responsible for environmental concerns.Plants must be accompanied by a receipt. There are no guarantees on past due accounts. Plants must be brought back to the nursery for inspection before replacement or credit is given. If the plant is not available and a suitable replacement cannot be made, a store credit will be issued. Perennial and annual plants are not covered by this guarantee.
Landscape Design
The time has come for you to finally have the landscape you have always dreamed of.An attractive, well-crafted landscape substantially increases the value of your home and enhances your quality of life. The design process allows you to plan and visualize your new landscape design ideas before any work begins. You’ll enjoy the fun of being involved in the landscape design process, and you will benefit from a design based on your unique site and personal preferences.Whether you plan to install yourself or have your landscaping installed by professionals, a plan is vital to ensure successful results. With the completed design in hand, you’ll know exactly which trees, shrubs, perennials and hardscape elements to put where…no more guessing at the nursery or money wasted on the wrong plants.It will pay for itself with:

  • increased cost efficiency
  • less wasted labor
  • the right plant in the right place
SJN Design Process
1. SJN Meeting: Customers meet with a design member to discuss needs and wants, basic details and a walk thru of what San Juan Nurseries has to offer. We will make every attempt to understand what you want, and would love for you to:

  • Show us pictures
  • Tell us about the things you’ve seen
  • Bring us a sample or a drawing

Believe it or not, all these things contribute to the creative process and pave the way to your vision. Then we can determine if what
you envision is affordable, practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Location Meeting:

A design member goes to the project site to take a property analysis, and formal measurements

3. Design:

A professionally drawn design to scale

  • 2 black and white plans
  • 1 color
  • List of Hardscape Materials & Specifications
  • Quantities of all Plantings & Hardscape Items

Contracting a Landscape Company

If you decide to hire out the elements of your project, San Juan Nurseries can help you with this.

San Juan Nurseries will:

  • Recommend to client qualified Landscape Companies to bid your new landscape design.
  • Consult with both client and landscape company throughout the installation process.

We have a wide knowledge of plants and their requirements, hardscape installation; including patios, walkways, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, water features, pergolas, irrigation systems, etc. So let us do all the work for you. Then all you have to do is…

Enjoy your new landscape!

Garden Seminars
Why not drop by for a seminar?In addition to offering quality plants, gardening products and gifts, we organize Garden Seminars. They provide practical information to gardeners of all stages (from the beginner to the experienced), and are great ways to:

  • Brush up on your knowledge
  • Learn some new skills & techniques
  • Hear and see how the professional gardeners do things
  • Discuss garden solutions

SJN Garden Club members attend for free, and all seminar participants receive a 10% off products discussed in the seminar.

Seminar space is limited, so advance registration is required.

Check our calendar of events, seminars and workshops

Grow your garden of knowledge

Gift Cards
Give the Gift of Choice!Can’t decide on the perfect gift for your favorite gardener? Well have we got the perfect solution for you! For all those birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions, give your friends and family a gift that keeps on growing. They are easy-to-give and wonderful-to-receive. A San Juan Nurseries Gift Card offers many possibilities; think of all the options.

Now that’s convenience!