Growing Ideas: Gardening With Kids

Growing Ideas

Gardening with kids.

Why bother?

It may seem like gardening is more of an adult pursuit. Actually, many kids love gardening (after all, they love to dig in the dirt!), and it provides all sorts of benefits, too. Gardening can be a wonderful family project filled with adventure, experimentation and learning; and children love to learn when they’re having fun. Not only will your kids enjoy the satisfaction of nurturing life, but they’ll enjoy spending time with you.

Nutrition, Exercise, Mathematics, Science, Play time and Family time, all of these things describe gardening with your kids. Many children who garden take interest in salads made with foods they’ve grown. Kids will taste more things in a garden situation than they ever would otherwise. A garden provides a site for hands-on lessons about fruits and vegetables, important components of our diet. Find out all the learning and magic planting a garden has to offer young aspiring minds and get ready to grow with your kids!

The value of Exercise as children physically work in the garden, that families learn to work together and share, and that gardening helps build a child’s senses. Understanding where food comes from is one of the most important things about gardening. Young children are fascinated in seeing food when it’s pulled from the ground and they notice the similarities and differences from their garden vegetables and produce from the grocery store.

Having older kids write down the things they would like will get practice writing and perhaps with a budget in mind they can learn a little math too. Remember, gardening is a hands on experience for most kids, so let them get dirty!

Ready, Set, Plant!!!  Now that’s ‘advice you can grow with’!